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Bridging The TV Demand-Inventory Gap

This article was written by Stephan Beringer, CEO at Mirriad. TV inventory is shrinking fast, creating a significant supply constraint.

Unlocking New Revenue Streams: The Power of Virtual Product Placement in Scaling Growth

In the rapidly evolving world of advertising, where traditional methods are often met with ad blockers and dwindling audience attention spans, forward-thinking advertisers are seeking innovative ways to maximize their brand exposure and drive revenue growth.

Closing the Gap Between Advertiser DEI Pledges and Diverse Media Spend

By Maria Teresa Hernandez, Head of Partnerships and Multicultural Marketplace
Virtual Product Placement

Three C’s of Virtual Product Placement: Creative, Content, Context

If you’re new to virtual product placement, or VPP, getting started can feel overwhelming. What creative do I need to provide? Where will my ad appear? Will this tactic resonate with my consumers?

Unlock the Power of Virtual Product Placement to Amplify Your Brand Reach

Virtual product placement is an innovative and highly effective advertising technique that can help you reach new customers and spread the word about your products. Read on to learn how this innovative strategy works and discover some of its benefits so you can effectively promote your business and ...

The Advantages and Challenges of Virtual Product Placement

Virtual product placement is revolutionizing how brands launch campaigns and have become a highly sought-after tactic by CMOs. By leveraging virtual product placement and in-content advertising, brands can now create targeted campaigns that focus on one particular audience rather than using traditio...

How to Use Virtual Product Placement to Boost Your Advertising Success

As an advertiser, you understand the importance of getting your message out to as many potential customers as possible. But with the changing advertising landscape, traditional methods are not enough to effectively capture the attention of your desired target audience. That's why virtual product pla...
multicultural programming

Multicultural Programming: Why Invest in Minority-Owned Media

This article was written by Maria Teresa Hernandez, Mirriad's Head of Multicultural Marketplace and SVP, Brand Partnerships. As an advertiser, there is immense potential to unlock value from niche and under-served audiences – particularly those of a marginalized nature. It’s no secret that these gro...

Mirriad Leads the Game as Virtual Product Placement Takes Off

Written by Mark Melvin, General Manager, Americas at Mirriad

Mirriad Hires Amazon Alum Danny Ratcliff as Vice President of Operations

At Mirriad, Ratcliff will oversee current end-to-end campaign delivery, while focusing on short and long term strategy and future process.
virtual product placement for multicultural strategy

Why Virtual Product Placement is Essential for Multicultural Strategy

As America shifts to a Majority-Minority Nation, advertisers must diversify their marketing strategies as the U.S. multicultural population becomes increasingly mainstream. In the last decade alone, the US Black, Hispanic and Asian population jumped dramatically from 9 million to 33.8 million. Ameri...

How Effective is Virtual Product Placement?

Advertising budgets are continuously under pressure, so getting creative with campaigns and exploring new opportunities can be critical to reaching the right customers. If you’re keen to optimize your spending potential, you may have heard about virtual product placement as a possible strategy for s...