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Toyota Achieves 94% Ad Awareness with Virtual Product Placement

New York, NY - April 15, 2024 - Mirriad today announced the results of a virtual product placement and in-content advertising campaign for Toyota’s Grand Highlander. Utilizing Mirriad's AI-powered platform, Toyota's campaign featured in-language virtual signage, video within video, and virtual product placements strategically embedded into content to ensure the integration felt natural and contextually relevant, when placed in appropriate settings. The campaign, aimed at adults planning to buy or lease a car in the next six months, ran on iTalkBB, the leading provider of Chinese-language entertainment in North America and a publisher in Mirriad’s Diverse Supplier Marketplace.

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The global automotive brand achieved incredibly strong results from their target audience across awareness, favorability, and consideration:

  • 94% Ad Awareness

  • 82% Consideration (up 21% from those who didn’t see it)

  • 80% of viewers liked the Mirriad virtual ad format, a proven driver in boosting sales

Source: Dynata

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Sentiment towards Toyota saw significant increases, with 80% of viewers acknowledging their awareness that the virtual integrations were advertisements yet feeling a connection with the message.

The research also revealed enhanced brand affinity towards the features of the Toyota Grand Highlander, underscoring the power of virtual product placement in fostering a deeper connection between the brand and its audience​.  

Mirriad's approach to virtual product placement, validated by extensive research and industry awards, positions it as a leader in the field. The company’s AI-powered platform dynamically inserts brands into TV, SVOD/AVOD, Music Videos, and Influencer content, allowing for scalable campaigns and delivering a non-disruptive viewer experience. This drives exceptional performance for advertisers and creates net-new revenue for content owners. This innovative approach is being embraced by leading global advertisers. This powerful ad format is not only preferred by viewers 7x over traditional TV ads, but also drives up to a 35% increase in sales following VPP exposure, as verified by Kantar ​.

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“The remarkable results from our campaign for Toyota highlights the effectiveness of virtual product placement and virtual signage. We see consistently positive results for all our brand campaigns, across categories. Campaign performance is further heightened when ad placements are appropriately targeted like this campaign for Toyota on iTalkBB. Viewers like that virtual ads are more contextually relevant and seamlessly integrated into the content, and the positive sentiment reflects that, especially when tailored in-language,” said Mark Melvin, General Manager, Americas, at Mirriad.

About Mirriad

The advertising solution for the streaming era, Mirriad’s multi-patented and award-winning AI-powered virtual product placement platform dynamically inserts brands into Television, SVOD/AVOD, Music, and Influencer content. Mirriad creates net-new revenue opportunities for content owners with an ad format that virtually integrates brands in entertainment content, drives exceptional performance for advertisers and dramatically improves the viewing experience. Mirriad currently operates in the US, Europe, and India.

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