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How to Use Virtual Product Placement To Solidify Your Brand Voice In 2024

How to use virtual product placement to solidify your brand voice in 2024

In today's rapidly evolving media landscape, where streaming platforms and digital content keep pulling audiences away from traditional formats, maintaining an authentic brand voice has become more crucial than ever. The proliferation of media channels and the constant barrage of advertisements make it challenging for brands to stand out while staying true to their core identity. 

This is where the power of Virtual product placement (VPP) comes into play.

Virtual product placement isn’t just a tool for visibility; it’s a resourceful and innovative partner in preserving the integrity and authenticity of your brand voice. By integrating products and messages into content seamlessly, VPP enables brands to connect with their audiences in a way that's both contextually relevant and emotionally meaningful.

Mirriad's virtual product placement platform is an AI-powered and multi-patented advertising solution that dynamically integrates brands into premium content across various media channels. This innovative ad format is preferred seven times over traditional ads, liked by 85% of viewers, and has already become a staple for top advertisers, delivering exceptional results in terms of ad awareness, reach, and viewer satisfaction.

Let’s explore how VPP helps brands navigate the complex media landscape and ensure their messaging resonates authentically across diverse channels and demographics.


In an era where brand differentiation is both hard to achieve and critical to success, virtual product placement stands out as a groundbreaking strategy for brands to strengthen their unique identities and advance their missions in an era when brand differentiation is both hard to achieve and critical to success. VPP allows for nuanced and authentic representations of brands and ensures that their voices resonate with target audiences while aligning with their core values.


Maintaining a consistent brand identity and mission across all platforms is key for any business. Virtual product placement makes this simpler than ever before, enabling your brand to integrate its presence into different narratives without compromising its core values. 

By contextually incorporating products and messages into content, virtual product placement ensures that your brand's voice is not only heard, but also deeply felt by your audience. It solidifies your brand's character in the eyes of the viewer and ensures every integration accurately reflects its foundational values and mission.


A virtual product placement strategy is instrumental in this area, helping brands tailor their messages to appeal to diverse audiences. By enabling multicultural messaging and signage, VPP ensures that your brand can connect authentically with viewers across the spectrum of demographics. 

Mirriad's Diverse Supplier Marketplace underscores our sustained commitment to inclusive marketing. Here, VPP acts as a powerful device for brands to embrace diversity and inclusivity, which in turn solidifies their dedication to the values they believe in.

The Diverse Supplier Marketplace aggregates over 40 Black, Hispanic, AAPI, LGBTQIA+, and Women-owned or targeted media suppliers. This platform not only provides brands with the opportunity to transact directly with diverse media owners but also enables scaled, measurable media buys and new revenue streams for diverse content owners.


A successful VPP strategy hinges on the three C's: Creative, Content, and Context. To be most effective, these elements should be working in perfect harmony to amplify a brand's voice:

  • Creative: Aligning with sympathetic characters empowers a brand’s message, highlighting it as a natural extension of the brand's voice. This alignment strengthens the message, adding depth and authenticity to the storytelling.

  • Content: The content should always support a brand's story and enhance its authenticity. Genuine storytelling with an authentic brand voice creates familiar moments for audiences, making brands more relatable and memorable.

  • Context: When a brand is part of a relatable story, the integration reinforces its voice and embeds it into the narrative in a natural way. This integration helps to forge an emotional and psychological connection with audiences.

The synergy of these three C's is pivotal in building a successful VPP campaign. When all three are properly leveraged, your brand voice is not only amplified through engaging content, but also deeply woven into the fabric of the narrative. This helps you create a lasting impact that goes well beyond traditional advertising and into the realm of storytelling.


By blending the art of storytelling with the scalability of modern advertising, virtual product placement has revolutionized the way brands engage with their audiences. We’re already seeing brands master this approach to enhance visibility and ensure that their messages are conveyed in both an authentic and impactful way.


Unlike traditional ad formats, VPP addresses ad saturation concerns, providing a non-disruptive format that viewers truly love. Kantar’s research indicates 83% of viewers find VPP natural and 79% consider it non-intrusive. This positive viewer sentiment translates into tangible results, with a +26ppt increase in ad awareness and a significant +20ppt boost in sales conversion when combined with TV spots.


By integrating products and brand messages into content, VPP provides a subtle yet powerful way to convey a brand's identity. 

Authenticity in storytelling not only captivates audiences, but also reinforces a brand's values and personality. A seamless integration allows your brand to become an integral part of the story, adding depth and realism to the content.

Content longevity is also a key factor in maintaining brand voice. Unlike traditional commercial spots, content integrated with virtual product placement benefits from an extended lifespan, as it continues to engage viewers long after its initial release. This staying power contributes significantly to the authenticity of your brand's message and allows for a continuous and evolving relationship with your audience.


Expanding your brand’s reach through virtual product placement involves strategic planning and execution across multiple campaigns. 

Focus on creating messages that can be easily adapted and integrated into a variety of contexts to ensure a consistent brand presence across different media channels. This requires an understanding of your audience's preferences so you can tailor your message to fit various narratives and settings. By doing so, your brand can create a broader impact, reaching diverse audiences without diluting its core message.

Programmatic virtual product placement has also opened new avenues for brands to further target specific audiences with their messaging. This trending technology enables your brand to strategically place its products and messages in content that aligns with your target demographic. 

Programmatic VPP empowers brands to dynamically adjust their messaging based on viewer data, making it easier to boost brand engagement and maximize their return on investment


As we navigate the increasingly complex landscape of modern advertising, you need a partner who understands the nuances of virtual product placement. 

Mirriad stands out as your ideal collaborator in this journey. 

With our advanced VPP technology and deep understanding of the interplay between brand identity, storytelling, and audience engagement, we are uniquely positioned to help brands not only stay true to their authentic voice, but also amplify it across multiple platforms.

Mirriad’s innovative approach to brand integrations ensures that your brand's story is told in the most impactful and authentic way. Our expertise in virtual product placement and in-contend advertising allows for tailored messaging that resonates with diverse audiences, making your brand voice both heard and embraced by the people you want to reach. 

Partner with Mirriad, and take the first step towards transforming your brand's presence in the digital landscape. To explore how Mirriad can help you leverage virtual product placement in TV shows, streaming content, music videos, and more — check out our Advertiser page and discover the new ad format people love. 

This article was written by Priscilla Von Sorella, Mirriad's Head of Marketing. Follow her on LinkedIn here.