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Toyota Achieves 94% Ad Awareness with Virtual Product Placement

New York, NY - April 15, 2024 - Mirriad today announced the results of a virtual product placement and in-content advertising campaign for Toyota’s Grand Highlander. Utilizing Mirriad's AI-powered platform, Toyota's campaign featured in-language virtual signage, video within video, and virtual produ...

How Virtual Product Placement Is Transforming Awareness for Auto Brands

In our fast-paced digital age, conventional advertising is struggling to stay effective with new audiences. Consumers don’t want to meet brands by getting interrupted during their favorite TV show or having a billboard distract them. Data overwhelmingly shows that today’s consumers don’t simply disl...

How Virtual Product Placement Gets Your Brand Closer to Culture

In today’s exploding media landscape — with a 24-hour (minute!) news cycle and user-generated responses to every topic — viewers expect brands to be part of the cultural conversation. Sixty-four percent of consumers want brands to connect with them, and this doesn’t mean jumping on a TikTok trend ba...
Mirriad Awarded TPN Gold Shield Status

Mirriad Awarded TPN Gold Shield Status

Mirriad is excited to announce that we have been awarded the Trusted Partner Network (“TPN”) Gold Shield status, an industry recognition that is a critical enabler of Mirriad’s partnerships with the leading entertainment and media companies in the US. Read here about Mirriad’s recent expansion acros...
How to use virtual product placement to solidify your brand voice in 2024

How to Use Virtual Product Placement To Solidify Your Brand Voice In 2024

In today's rapidly evolving media landscape, where streaming platforms and digital content keep pulling audiences away from traditional formats, maintaining an authentic brand voice has become more crucial than ever. The proliferation of media channels and the constant barrage of advertisements make...
Mirriad Diverse Supplier Marketplace

Mirriad’s Diverse-Supplier Marketplace Sees Exponential Growth in 2023

Mirriad today announced that its Diverse Supplier Marketplace (previously called Multicultural Marketplace) has seen exponential growth in 2023 and is working with several partners to craft custom upfront packages. The Marketplace is the first-ever aggregate of Black, Hispanic, Asian and Pacific Isl...

Mirriad Expands VPP and In-Content Advertising Reach with New Agreements Across Multiple Leading Entertainment Partners

Ahead of the new year, Mirriad is excited to announce a slate of updates on the supply-side momentum with new partners spanning across the US and in Latin America. These partners represent some of the leading in US entertainment and boast impressive audiences with established market authority.

How To Leverage Virtual Product Placement in Your Holiday Strategy

‘Tis the season to transform your advertising strategy! As consumer attention turns to festive movies and TV shows, the opportunities created by virtual product placement (VPP) have savvy marketers abuzz with holiday cheer.
Mirriad What You May Not Know About Virtual Product Placement in TV Shows

Virtual Product Placement in TV Shows: What You May Not Know

As media consumption habits evolve, streaming services are rewriting the rules of engagement. Linear TV is in decline as viewer preferences migrate toward ad-free or ad-light streaming, resulting in shrunken ad inventory. This transformation calls for content owners and advertisers to take notice: c...

The Role of Virtual Product Placement in Multicultural Media Investment

Our world is a diverse one and connecting with audiences from different cultural backgrounds has never been more important. Staying ahead of the curve in multicultural marketing isn’t just a strategy for today’s advertisers — it’s a necessity. But here's the challenge: How do you create dynamic cont...

AI's Role in Product Placement: 6 Things You Should Know

The promises of artificial intelligence (AI) have stirred the marketing world over its potential applications in advertising, with product placement in particular offering a wealth of opportunities to employ the breakthrough technology.

How Virtual Product Placement is changing the game for Music Videos

The connection between music and culture has always been profound, and product placement seamlessly intertwines the two. As advertising became more pervasive in our lives, brands realized that embedding themselves in the cultural tapestry through music videos presented an extraordinary opportunity t...