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See, Love, Sip: Summer’s Hottest Virtual Product Placement Strategies for Alcohol Brands

With outdoor sipping season just on the horizon, alcohol brands are exploring creative strategies to capture the attention of diverse audiences. One groundbreaking approach that has emerged is the use of AI-powered virtual product placement.

The ad format that is transforming the way brands connect with audiences is virtual product placement. Moreover, by offering a non-intrusive way to engage with viewers, VPP can now unlock new horizons for marketers. As a result, brands can weave their messages into pop culture and connect with diverse viewers all summer, and every season beyond.                                             


In addition to seamless product integration, Mirriad's platform extends its innovative reach to virtual signage and in-language adaption, opening a new dimension of possibilities for brands. Virtual signage allows for the digital insertion of virtual billboards, signage, and video-in-video, making the ad highly relevant and engaging.

Virtual signage ensures that brands can tailor their messages to specific markets easily, thereby allowing for true scale. Additionally, in-language virtual signage means the campaign message can resonate more deeply with diverse cultures and preferences, enhancing brand perception and recall. Imagine a viewer in Tokyo watching a popular American sitcom, but seeing a familiar alcohol brand sign - in Japanese, no less!  See more great examples of how brands activate with Mirriad’s Diverse Supplier Marketplace here, which also grew by 50% last year.

These contextual ad experiences not only increase the relevance of the advertisement but also strengthen the viewer's connection to the brand. This results in making it feel like a natural part of their culture. Virtual signage not only broadens the reach of alcohol brands but also deepens their impact. This also offers a scalable and innovative approach to their strategy.


No summer campaign would be complete without an alignment to music.  Music transcends boundaries and connects deeply with audiences. Mirriad's platform allows brands to naturally integrate their products into music videos and content featuring top global artists. This strategy enables brands to engage diverse, hard-to-reach audiences, creating memorable experiences that extend beyond the lifespan of traditional ads.       

Peroni AI Blue Box Side by Side

Imagine a world where a brand becomes part of the summer's hottest music video, effortlessly integrated into moments of culture, expression, and lifestyle. This isn't just fantasy; it's the reality Mirriad's platform is making possible today. Virtual ads ensure that brands capitalize on the deep emotions evoked by music, building a powerful connection with the audience.

Coi Leray Corona bottle product placement by Mirriad


One of the most appealing aspects of Mirriad's solution is the speed and ease with which brands can activate their advertising campaigns. Preparing for the pivotal summer season, alcohol brands can pivot quickly, launching in-content advertising campaigns in a matter of weeks. This swift turnaround is a game-changer, which allows brands to capitalize on current trends and cultural moments. It also reduces lengthy lead times traditionally associated with advertising campaigns.

The ability to activate quickly and seamlessly means that beer brands can remain agile, adapting to the dynamic landscape of consumer preferences and seasonal opportunities. Whether it's a last-minute tie-in with a summer event or a placement in a viral music video, VPP can help. Mirriad's marketplace ensures that brands can be where the consumers are, at the perfect moment.


The leader in virtual product placement and virtual signage, Mirriad dynamically inserts brands into a vast range of premium Television, SVOD/AVOD, Music, and Influencer content, driving exceptional performance for advertisers and enhancing the viewer experience. With 60+ supply partners, VPP is a powerful solution for alcohol brands to connect with viewers in a contextual and meaningful way.


In March 2024, cognac brand Martell collaborated with Mirriad to employ Virtual Product Placement in an innovative marketing strategy targeting Black audiences, integrating their products into three episodes of a BET+ original series on a leading streaming service. The virtual campaign for Martell drove strong increases in brand awareness leading to stronger favorability and consideration for the key younger African American audience:

  • +22 ppt increase in Unprompted Awareness
  • +19 ppt increase in Prompted Awareness
  • +12 ppt increase in Ad Awareness
  • +11 ppt in Consideration
  • 85% of viewers found the virtual integrations a Natural Fit

Source: Dynata

 Tecate uses virtual product placement by Mirriad in music video

A previous Tecate campaign demonstrated a substantial increase in brand metrics, with top-of-mind awareness rising by 27 percentage points, unaided awareness reaching 56%, and aided awareness at 90%. Additionally, 76% of consumers found the brand more appealing. Purchase also intent grew by 6.7 percentage points, and 85% of viewers agreed it was a natural fit.

Source: Kantar

This research is critical for alcohol brands looking to make informed decisions about their advertising strategies. This offers insights into how best to engage with diverse and often elusive audiences.


As we look to the future of advertising, it's clear that AI-powered virtual product placement and in-content advertising represent a transformative opportunity for alcohol brands. With Mirriad leading the way, brands have the tools to reach diverse audiences. This can be done through the power of music and virtual signage, activated with speed and flexibility. Furthermore, brands can leverage leading research to maximize their impact.

As summer approaches, the time is ripe for alcohol brands to embrace virtual product placement to reap immediate results.

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This article was written by Emily Oberkrieser, Mirriad's Director of Integrated Marketing. Follow us on LinkedIn here