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Mirriad Awarded TPN Gold Shield Status

Mirriad Awarded TPN Gold Shield Status

Mirriad is excited to announce that we have been awarded the Trusted Partner Network (“TPN”) Gold Shield status, an industry recognition that is a critical enabler of Mirriad’s partnerships with the leading entertainment and media companies in the US. Read here about Mirriad’s recent expansion across these networks.

The TPN is a global, industry-wide content security initiative and universally accepted benchmark that is wholly owned by the Motion Picture Association (MPA), the American trade association representing the five major film studios of the United States, and the video streaming service Netflix.

As the ecosystem of third-party service providers expands, the risk to the entertainment industry's prized possession—its content—grows exponentially. The TPN program is all about boosting security across the board, generating cost and time efficiencies for everyone involved. TPN checks out how ready a service provider is to keep info safe, measuring them up against the MPA's top practices. To secure this TPN Gold Shield, service providers are required to undergo a rigorous third-party security assessment. 

Being awarded this TPN Gold Shield is a tremendous achievement for Mirriad, reinforcing our ongoing commitment to implement security protocols that align with our broader objective to establish Mirriad’s platform as an industry-standard format.

Stephan Beringer, CEO at Mirriad, explained: "Our journey to scale has many milestones and, with TPN considered the industry point of reference in TV and film content security, this validates another step we have taken to enable enterprise-level delivery." 

Philip Mattimoe, CTO at Mirriad, said: "Best-in-class information security compliance is a non-negotiable requirement as Mirriad continues moving forward with tier-one content partners. Our platform has been engineered from the ground up to inherently provide the highest standards in information security, underpinned by our Microsoft partnership and highly secure deployment in the Azure Cloud."