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How Virtual Product Placement Gets Your Brand Closer to Culture

In today’s exploding media landscape — with a 24-hour (minute!) news cycle and user-generated responses to every topic — viewers expect brands to be part of the cultural conversation. Sixty-four percent of consumers want brands to connect with them, and this doesn’t mean jumping on a TikTok trend bandwagon. This means being at the forefront of trends and creating culture instead of watching it happen. Brands need to find innovative ways to achieve this connection, clarity, and cultural truth in everything they do.  

One way brands maintain this relevance is by leaning into cultural moments and events that consumers are actively engaging with, from a star-studded commercial during the Super Bowl that becomes an instant meme, to releasing a capsule fashion collection inspired by a music festival, to a marketing blitz during the holiday season.

Using innovation, AI, and technology, brands can now explore another route to capitalize on culture. With virtual product placement (VPP), brands can be immersed into cultural moments, and even tout specific messaging or calls to action related to the moment as it's happening.  

Let’s explore how VPP helps brands resonate with people and create the authenticity that content requires to engage and retain audiences. 


Leveraging VPP during cultural events has become a strategic imperative for brands seeking not only visibility, but — more importantly — resonance. To have a product be featured on the sidelines of the Super Bowl or to have the distinction of being seen at the Grammys could open up momentous opportunities for any brand. 

Here are some things to consider when using VPP to take advantage of cultural events.

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Brands can strategically position themselves within the cultural fabric by aligning with events and festivals that resonate with their target audience. Whether it’s a music festival, a tournament, a cultural celebration, or any event with an audience, VPP offers advertisers the chance to embed brands into the narrative and create meaningful associations with consumers. More impactful and less obtrusive than conventional forms of advertising, VPP has the unparalleled ability to evoke emotion and captivate diverse audiences during these cultural moments. 

By integrating brands into event-related content, advertisers can spark curiosity, ignite conversations, and foster genuine connections with viewers.


VPP platforms play an essential part in facilitating the seamless integration of brands into cultural narratives. These platforms leverage AI-powered technology and deep industry insights to identify strategic placement opportunities that enhance brand relevance and resonance. 

Through VPP platforms, brands can navigate the complexities of cultural moments with greater precision and finesse than ever before, ensuring that their messaging aligns with their particular target buyers.


Incorporating virtual product placement into a significant cultural moment offers advertisers and content owners a unique opportunity to drive audience engagement while positioning brands as relevant and relatable. 

Here’s how to make the most of VPP during cultural events.


Brands should strive to seamlessly weave their products into the fabric of cultural events, ensuring that integrations feel natural and add value to the audience experience. By aligning with the themes, aesthetics, and emotions associated with cultural moments, brands can form deeper connections with viewers and enhance overall engagement.


Cultural events evoke a wide range of emotions among audiences, from excitement and anticipation to nostalgia and pride. Leveraging VPP to tap into these emotional cues can significantly enhance engagement levels. Advertisers can create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impact and drive brand affinity by strategically placing products in moments that resonate emotionally with viewers. 


Cultural events and festivals are often transitory, making it critical for advertisers to capitalize on these moments while they last. VPP allows brands to quickly pivot and respond to emerging cultural trends and events, ensuring that their campaigns remain timely and relevant. By staying agile and proactive, advertisers can seize opportunities to connect with audiences in real-time and maximize engagement during each fleeting moment.

Many leading global brands harness the influential potential of virtual product placement to engage audiences effectively. Among them, Mirriad collaborates with advertisers spanning diverse industries, empowering them to magnify their messages and elevate their marketing endeavors.

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Lexus is one brand that epitomizes the integration of VPP. Through partnerships with Mirriad, the luxury vehicle brand has seamlessly integrated its presence across various advertising formats. Notably, Lexus embarked on virtual placements within the music video for the Concacaf Gold Cup.

While temporary, cultural events, like the 2023 Concacaf Gold Cup experience, provide a golden opportunity for businesses to leverage virtual product placement. Universal Music Latino and Concacaf released the official anthem of the tournament, where Lexus and a famous soft drink are prominently featured in the music video and, consequently, embedded in the consciousness of the event’s feverish spectators.

Mugler Coi Leray Side x Side - Mirriad - Confidential

Mirriad worked with L’Oreal’s Mugler fragrance brand to place a virtual billboard featuring spokesperson Hunter Schafer from the HBO show Euphoria in the new video for hip-hop star Coi Leray’s song Players celebrating female empowerment.


Consumer expectations of brands will only continue to grow. Brands that authentically integrate into cultural narratives resonate more deeply with audiences, fostering genuine connections and driving engagement. Aligning brand messaging with the ethos of cultural events enables advertisers to capture the attention and loyalty of diverse audiences. 

And at the heart of successful virtual product placement lies authenticity.

Campaigns that captivate and engage audiences during cultural moments have the power to leave a lasting impression and drive brand impact. By creating immersive storytelling experiences and leveraging interactive elements, advertisers can make the most of their VPP initiatives, forging deeper connections with consumers and achieving the kind of resonance that brands are looking for.

For a better understanding of virtual product placement — and how Mirriad brings brands closer to audiences through authentic cultural experiences — visit our Advertiser page.

This article was written by Emily Oberkrieser, Mirriad's Director of Integrated Marketing. Follow her on LinkedIn here.