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Harmonic Unveils Powerful Addressable Advertising SaaS for Sports Streaming at Scale

We're pleased to announce a New Stand-Alone SSAI SaaS Boasts an Open Ecosystem for Targeted Advertising with Harmonic.

Exploring the Benefits of Virtual Product Placement for Advertisers

Are you an advertiser looking for new ways to get your product in front of potential customers? Have you heard about virtual product placement, but aren't sure what it is or how it works? Let us catch you up. Virtual product placement is an innovative advertising approach that uses the latest digita...

Mirriad Announces Technical Integration with Amagi

We're pleased to announce a technical integration with Amagi that enables content owners to dynamically serve Virtual Product Placements (VPP).
authentic engaging advertising through vpp

The Future of Authentic, Engaging Advertising Through VPP

Advertisers have been hard at work trying to connect with audiences in meaningful ways. With the rise of digital content and streaming platforms, traditional ads are being replaced by more authentic and engaging options that create an immersive experience for viewers. One such option is virtual prod...

Leveraging Culture and Context to Reach Latino Consumers

Latinos currently make up 20% of the U.S population. However, despite U.S Latino consumer power coming in at approximately $1.7 trillion per year, only 6% of industry investment goes towards this market. This provides a huge opportunity for brands to make up that gap. Latino consumers are a major ec...
side by side example of virtual product placement

How Virtual Product Placement solves the shortage in black owned media

Voices from Mirriad: Written by Maria Teresa Hernandez Madison Avenue's commitment to Black-owned media is going strong in 2023. But scale is the biggest challenge advertisers are up against. With major holding companies doubling down on their investments, powered by widely publicized initiatives li...
side by side example of in-content advertising

How in-content advertising can help brands grow in 2023

Advertisers are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to reach consumers, and in-content advertising is one of the most advantageous ways to do so. Read on to discover the top four benefits (among many) of in-content advertising for brands looking to start the new year with a bang.

Mirriad Announces Partnership With Scripps Networks

NEW YORK, NY, USA, December 19, 2022 — Mirriad, the leading in-content advertising company and 2022 AdExchanger Winner for Most Innovative TV Advertising Technology Award, will bring content from the Scripps Networks portfolio of television networks and FAST channels ION and Bounce into the Mirriad ...
Best practices for in-content advertising - advertisement shown on a billboard

5 Creative Best Practices for In-Content Advertising

In-content advertising is a new and powerful way to strengthen and accelerate advertising campaigns. While many brands are struggling with a saturated media landscape and overwhelmed consumers who have literally seen it all, in-content advertising provides a unique and positive viewing experience, m...

Pinterest and Channel 4 Choose Mirriad To Deliver In-Content Advertising

LONDON, UK – 17 November, 2022 - Mirriad, the leading in-content advertising company and 2022 AdExchanger Winner for Most Innovative TV Advertising Technology Award, is announcing a new in-content campaign with Pinterest and Channel 4. Pinterest’s new campaign, “Pinterest do,” will run on Channel 4’...
woman on the phone with Doordash virtual product placement on her desk

Does in-content advertising connect with consumers?

In-content advertising helps brands to reignite their advertising campaigns in the face of oversaturation and ad fatigue, but do we know how consumers feel about this strategy, and does it live up to the hype?
amplify your tv spots with in-content ads

Boost TV Spots: Amplify with In-Content Ads this Holiday

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and brands are fiercely competing to grab the attention of shoppers. Making smart, strategic decisions about advertising spend during this peak period is critical.