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The Ultimate in Ad Innovation: Mirriad’s Virtual Product Placement is Preferred 10X Over Traditional Ads

The rapidly changing media landscape demands innovation to stay relevant to audiences. The traditional advertising model, with commercials at the centre, is evolving as businesses look for new solutions to improve ROAS.   Enter Mirriad’s innovative Virtual Product Placement (VPP) format which virtually integrates products, branding and advertising messages into the TV and video content itself, unleashing a new way to run non-disruptive and highly engaging campaigns in TV, VOD and streaming. 

Over the last three years Mirriad’s VPP has seen a dramatic rise in resonance and popularity, establishing itself as one of the most preferred ad formats among viewers. Its success highlights the growing demand for new and more engaging advertising experiences.

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Increasing Preference and Likability

Mirriad’s virtual product placement is increasingly favored by viewers over traditional TV ads, reflecting a continuous growth in its popularity. Since 2021, the preference for VPP over TV spots has increased from 6X to an impressive 10X. This substantial rise reflects the shifting audience sentiment towards more integrated and experiential ad formats compared to disruptive advertising. This is also underscored by the ad format’s likability that has risen from 75% to 81%, a stark contrast to the mere 12% of viewers who like   traditional ads. This surge in likability further highlights viewers’ desire for advertising that delivers value to their experience rather than taking away from it.

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Enhancing Brand Appeal

In the same period between 2021 and 2024, brand appeal metrics have grown from 72% to 78%.This improvement highlights the effectiveness of integrating brands naturally into the content to boost their relevance and attractiveness. Virtual product placement’s consistent positive reception sharply contrasts with other ad formats that often diminish brand appeal. 

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Boosting Campaign Performance

Advertisers leveraging virtual product placement have continually benefited from remarkable improvements in their campaign performance. On average, VPP campaigns have resulted in a 26 ppt increase in Ad Awareness, significantly outperforming traditional ad formats. Moreover, VPP has demonstrated a 22% higher audience reach compared to TV spots, enabling advertisers to connect with more viewers. (Most) Notably, Virtual product placement has been shown to boost sales by up to 35%, providing a substantially better return on investment for brands.

A Viewer-First Approach: Positive Sentiments and Future Prospects

The increasing favorability towards VPP is a testament to its innovative design and effectiveness as a viewer-first approach. As viewers demand more engaging and less intrusive advertising experiences, VPP stands out as the ideal solution, meeting these demands while delivering exceptional results.

The Path Forward

The significant metrics of increased preference, likability, brand appeal, ad awareness and sales underscore the transformative opportunity of VPP for the advertising industry. As more marketers adopt the new format, we can expect to see advertising becoming more popular again, leading to increased effectiveness and enhanced campaign performance.

For example, Toyota's campaign using Mirriad's virtual signage achieved 94% ad awareness and a 21% increase in consideration among targeted viewers. The VPP campaign also significantly boosted brand affinity, highlighting the effectiveness of virtual product placement in enhancing ad performance and viewer engagement. For more details, you can check the full article here.

Mirriad’s Virtual Product Placement is a game-changing ad innovation, offering a transformative opportunity for brands to engage with audiences and achieve better results. By prioritizing the viewer experience and virtually integrating products and advertising messages into content, VPP is setting new standards for the industry and paving the way for the future of advertising.

To experience the transformative power of Mirriad’s Virtual Product Placement, book a demo today and discover how this innovative ad format can elevate your  campaign investments to new heights.


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