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virtual product placement for auto brands

Accelerate Your Auto Ad Campaigns with Virtual Product Placement

The automotive industry has been around since the late 1800s. One of the first-ever car adverts said only “Dispense with a horse” next to an image of a motor carriage and a list of benefits. As technology advanced, automotive advertising became flashier, and cars went from being an exotic luxury to ...

The Ultimate in Ad Innovation: Mirriad’s Virtual Product Placement is Preferred 10X Over Traditional Ads

The rapidly changing media landscape demands innovation to stay relevant to audiences. The traditional advertising model, with commercials at the centre, is evolving as businesses look for new solutions to improve ROAS. Enter Mirriad’s innovative Virtual Product Placement (VPP) format which virtuall...

See, Love, Sip: Summer’s Hottest Virtual Product Placement Strategies for Alcohol Brands

With outdoor sipping season just on the horizon, alcohol brands are exploring creative strategies to capture the attention of diverse audiences. One groundbreaking approach that has emerged is the use of AI-powered virtual product placement.

How Content Owners & Media Companies Gain a Competitive Advantage with Virtual Product Placement

Content owners are facing fierce competition. Here's how they win with virtual product placement. Revenue. Viewer loyalty. Scalability. These are the three key elements to a content owner's success. Therefore, delivering the ultimate viewer experience while driving revenue and balancing strategies f...

Toyota Achieves 94% Ad Awareness with Virtual Product Placement

New York, NY - April 15, 2024 - Mirriad today announced the results of a virtual product placement and in-content advertising campaign for Toyota’s Grand Highlander. Utilizing Mirriad's AI-powered platform, Toyota's campaign featured in-language virtual signage, video within video, and virtual produ...
Mirriad Diverse Supplier Marketplace

Mirriad’s Diverse-Supplier Marketplace Sees Exponential Growth in 2023

Mirriad today announced that its Diverse Supplier Marketplace (previously called Multicultural Marketplace) has seen exponential growth in 2023 and is working with several partners to craft custom upfront packages. The Marketplace is the first-ever aggregate of Black, Hispanic, Asian and Pacific Isl...

Mirriad Expands VPP and In-Content Advertising Reach with New Agreements Across Multiple Leading Entertainment Partners

Ahead of the new year, Mirriad is excited to announce a slate of updates on the supply-side momentum with new partners spanning across the US and in Latin America. These partners represent some of the leading in US entertainment and boast impressive audiences with established market authority.

The Role of Virtual Product Placement in Multicultural Media Investment

Our world is a diverse one and connecting with audiences from different cultural backgrounds has never been more important. Staying ahead of the curve in multicultural marketing isn’t just a strategy for today’s advertisers — it’s a necessity. But here's the challenge: How do you create dynamic cont...

AI's Role in Product Placement: 6 Things You Should Know

The promises of artificial intelligence (AI) have stirred the marketing world over its potential applications in advertising, with product placement in particular offering a wealth of opportunities to employ the breakthrough technology.

Creating Memorable Advertising Experiences: How Virtual Product Placement Engages Audiences and Drives Results

As an advertiser, you know the importance of leaving a lasting impression on your audience with a memorable and stimulating ad experience. With viewers’ attention increasingly divided across a plethora of platforms, now is the time to prioritize creative strategies that effectively capture your targ...
Virtual Product Placement

Three C’s of Virtual Product Placement: Creative, Content, Context

If you’re new to virtual product placement, or VPP, getting started can feel overwhelming. What creative do I need to provide? Where will my ad appear? Will this tactic resonate with my consumers?

Unlock the Power of Virtual Product Placement to Amplify Your Brand Reach

Virtual product placement is an innovative and highly effective advertising technique that can help you reach new customers and spread the word about your products. Read on to learn how this innovative strategy works and discover some of its benefits so you can effectively promote your business and ...