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Pinterest and Channel 4 Choose Mirriad To Deliver In-Content Advertising

LONDON, UK – 17 November, 2022 - Mirriad, the leading in-content advertising company and 2022 AdExchanger Winner for Most Innovative TV Advertising Technology Award, is announcing a new in-content campaign with Pinterest and Channel 4. Pinterest’s new campaign, “Pinterest do,” will run on Channel 4’s popular “Location, Location, Location” show, which first aired on 16 November. 

The campaign features virtual out-of-home signage created by Mirriad’s dynamic in-content technology in every episode this year. 

The in-content placements are part of Pinterest’s “3-ways into TV” strategy, designed to increase engagement and reach: linear/VOD, dual screening and in-content via Mirriad. 

“In-content advertising provides us with a creative way to expand our campaign reach. We are able to design seamless ad signage that drives the effectiveness of our larger media plan while delivering a positive viewing experience for our audience,” said Laura Taylor at Media Hub.

“We’re thrilled to work with Mirriad to bring the new Pinterest campaign to life through dynamic ad placement. Pinterest has moved beyond the boundaries of traditional advertising in a way that appeals to our viewers and increases performance,” said Chanelle Stacey at Channel 4.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to bring Pinterest’s beautiful new campaign to life through in-content advertising. Creating unique ad experiences on an iconic Channel 4 television show demonstrates just how much top brands like Pinterest are embracing this new way of reaching audiences. It’s great to see the campaign in action” said Adam Gilsenan at Mirriad. 

About Mirriad

Mirriad’s award-winning solution creates new advertising inventory for brands. Our patented, AI and computer vision powered platform dynamically inserts products and innovative signage formats after content is produced. Mirriad’s market-first solution creates a new revenue model for content owners distributing across traditional ad supported and subscription services, and dramatically improves the viewer experience by limiting commercial interruptions.