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Mirriad Announces Technical Integration with Amagi

We're pleased to announce a technical integration with Amagi that enables content owners to dynamically serve Virtual Product Placements (VPP).

This new capability will be made available to hundreds of content owners across Amagi’s vast ecosystem to easily monetize this powerful new ad format. The ability to programmatically deliver Virtual Product Placements and in-content advertising provides advantages throughout the entire entertainment value chain – enhancing the viewer experience, driving incremental revenue for publishers, and increasing campaign reach and effectiveness for brands.

The technical integration between Mirriad and Amagi is a major milestone in opening dynamic in-content experiences to creators and brands at scale, and a step along the path to truly programmatic in-content advertising. The ability to enable VPP dynamically creates a massive opportunity for brands to transact and target audience segments just like other digital media formats. Publishers are seeing increased demand as viewership shifts to digital platforms where ad loads are lighter than traditional linear. Programmatic VPP creates a significantly more scalable and addressable in-content advertising experience. Lifestyle programmers like Tastemade who partner with Amagi are a key ingredient to the success. They provide premium content and an innovative approach to the programmatic ecosystem that helps brands maximize their outcomes.

With Amagi and Tastemade, we have already seen success activating this solution in the market. Plans to expand the offering to new channels are underway.

Srinivasan KA, Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer at Amagi, said: “With Mirriad, brands can unlock virtual product placements across our global content network for a truly next-generation advertising opportunity. Our partnership provides an incredible opportunity to deliver in-content advertising to the right audience in the right place at the right time and do it at scale.”

Adam Frischer, US Head of Sales & Brand Partnerships at Tastemade, said: “Tastemade has the unique ability to transform viewers into doers through content that inspires.

Our brand partners really value Tastemade for providing a destination to reach their prospective consumers while in this “doer” mindset. Mirriad, through its cutting-edge virtual product placement technology, enables our customers to seamlessly get their brands even closer to these moments of inspiration at scale, via an easy-to-activate solution.”

Mark Melvin EVP/GM at Mirriad Americas, said: “Programmatic Virtual product placement is a massive step change in how brands can reach and engage viewers in a way that doesn’t interrupt their viewing experience. Research has consistently proven that VPP improves campaign effectiveness, adding data-driven targeting will further enhance performance.”